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Real Estate Laws & Customs By State

Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company is pleased to provide you with this handy

state-by-state chart of laws, customs and fee splits.

Our National Commercial Services (NCS) operations are strategically located in major metropolitan

areas throughout the U.S. Each NCS serves as a one-stop, single point of contact to expedite

commercial transactions on a local and nationwide level, from simple to complex multi-state

transactions, and everything in-between.

We specialize in helping you close your deal with a variety of services.

Whether a single property or multiple locations across the country, rely on us.

This information is furnished as a service to our customers. Although great care has been taken

to provide accurate and complete information, state laws and procedures change. Please contact

Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company or visit


updated information or consult a local attorney for specific questions of law.

Information current as of 06/2016

© 2016 Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company