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Real Estate

Laws & Customs By State


Title Insurance Rates


Form of Conveyance

Warranty Deed; Quitclaim Deed

State Encumbrance Forms

Deed of Trust; Mortgage

Customary Closing Entity

Title or escrow company; others

Commitment Issued? Duration?

Yes. 6 months.

When is Invoice Issued?

At closing

Deed Transfer Tax?


Mortgage Tax?


Leasehold Tax?


Customary Fee Splits

Owner’s Policy Premium

Seller pays. Sometimes negotiated

Loan Policy Premium

Buyer pays

Title Search & Examination

Included in premium

Survey Charges

Seller pays, sometimes negotiated

Deed Transfer Tax

Not applicable

Mortgage Tax

Not applicable

Closing Fees

Negotiable; usually divided equally

Recording Fees

Negotiable; usually divided equally